HTML5 banner ads created with TweenUI are compatible with Google AdWords™.

You can either connect your AdWords account and publish directly into your AdWords campaign, or you can download you banner as a zip file which can be imported into AdWords.

To upload directly into AdWords, press “Publish to AdWords” from the File menu. Then press the “Connect AdWords account” button, sign in with your Google AdWords account and press allow to grant TweenUI the necessary permissions. You can revoke the permissions at any time by reviewing connected apps in your Google account.

Next, select the campaign and ad group that you want to use, and fill out the display URL and landing page. You can use the refresh button if you’ve added or removed any campaigns. Press “Publish to AdWords”, and your banner will be available under the Ads tab in your AdWords account.

If you don’t want to connect your AdWords account, use the “Download for AdWords” option in the File menu. A zip file will be generated and downloaded to your computer.

To upload the file into Google AdWords™, login to AdWords and select an Ad group in your Adwords Google Display Network campaign. Create a new Image Ad and choose the upload option. Drag and drop or browse to the zip file that you downloaded from TweenUI.

You should now be able to see a preview of the ad.

You don’t have to set any click-through URL in TweenUI. The landing page (Final URL) and tracking is configured in AdWords.

Here’s a video that shows both options: